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Meet Trevor, Your Sotherly Host In Atlanta!

Meet Trevor, your Sotherly Host at The Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, Georgia!

Trevor has lived in Atlanta for over 22 years and has worked for the Georgian Terrace for over 5 years. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the city of Atlanta and trying new things to gain a deeper appreciation for the city he loves. When he’s not out exploring beautiful Atlanta, you might find Trevor dining at his favorite restaurant, Poor Calvin’s, or munching down on “THE” Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Edgar’s Proof & Provision, which Trevor says is “not just a sandwich, but a lifestyle”.

Trevor has had the pleasure of meeting several special guests over his many years with the Georgian Terrace, but his favorite story is the very large wedding party he hosted one year. Trevor recalls that the Mother of the Bride was in tears because the zipper of her dress would not work. Trevor, a true gentleman, raced to find a can of WD-40, sprayed it on a napkin to swipe over the zipper of the dress, and like magic, it worked! Tears of sadness turned into tears of joy and Trevor made a friend for life.

Keeping true to Southern Hospitality, Trevor likes to make guests feel as if he’s entertaining them in his own home. He enjoys making guests feel as if they’re in their home away from home from the minute they arrive at the Georgian Terrace, so make sure to sit down with Trevor during your visit to Atlanta. He’ll greet you with a glass of sweet iced tea and make sure your stay is full of Atlanta charm and memories to last a lifetime.