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Meet Mark Santiago, The DeSoto’s Executive Chef

Meet Chef Mark Santiago, the Executive Chef of 1540 Room and Edgar’s Proof & Provision at The DeSoto in Savannah.

Born and raised in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii, Chef Mark finds much inspiration in his Hawaiian-Filipino heritage and enjoys sharing his culture and upbringing with others through the dishes he creates.

Chef Mark believes strongly in supporting local fishers, farmers, and artisans, which is why his menus at The DeSoto place heavy emphasis on local ingredients sourced directly from Savannah purveyors. He also thinks everything in Savannah tastes best when enjoyed on the P&P patio along Liberty Street and encourages you to test his theory for yourself.

If you ever find yourself hungry in Savannah, be sure to stop by 1540 Room and Edgar’s Proof & Provision to get a true taste of Savannah in Chef Mark’s creations. You won’t regret it!

Executive Chef Mark Santiago