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The DeSoto Featured in “Getaways For Grownups”

Recently, The DeSoto in Savannah was featured in Getaways for Grownups, a travel magazine dedicated to highlighting the perfect kid-free destinations.

The DeSoto served as a temporary home-away-from-home during the Grownups‘ trip to the Hostess City, and we’re pleased to report that the highlight of their stay was none other than the Sip & Stroll they took with our very own Sotherly Host, Kolin!

“Take time to book a Sip & Stroll tour. Meet up with the concierge and with drink in hand—a coffee or cocktail, whatever you prefer,” the Grownups say. “Our Sip & Stroll tour was the highlight of our trip: It’s the best Savannah tour I’ve had, and I’ve had several different tours of various sizes, types and themes over the years.”

“For a dose of genuine Southern hospitality, just interact with any staff member at The DeSoto,” says Hope Philbrick, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Getaways for Grownups.

On behalf of Sotherly Hotels and the entire team at The DeSoto, we want to say thank you to Getaways for Grownups for their kind words. Click here to read the entire Savannah article for yourself!