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Houston’s Best-Kept Culinary Secret

Houstonia Magazine has posted their First Bite review of Edgar’s Hermano at The Whitehall, and the results are outstanding.  Click here to check it out for yourself, or keep reading below for a few of our favorite parts.

Congrats to Chef Silvia Covarrubias and the entire crew of The Whitehall for a job well done!


Braised short rib tamale, courtesy of HoustoniaMag.comBraised short rib tamale at Edgar’s Hermano (photo:


On The Whitehall:

I was stunned by the long circular staircase backed by a waterwall, the soaring ceilings and stark, modern look of new bar Part & Parcel and its patio, both of which will be newly filled when the bar soft opens this week. But I wasn’t prepared for the hidden culinary world of the new hotel.


On the menu’s Southern Fried Stuffed Chicken, winner of the 2015 Sotherly Chef Showdown:

But Covarrubias saves her most over-the-top creation for dinnertime. Meet the southern-fried, stuffed chicken. The chef starts with a flavorfully brined suprême de volaille and fills it with ultra-creamy mac-and-queso. That’s right, it’s fried chicken with mac-and-cheese inside. It’s served on top of creamy grits and Dr. Pepper-bacon jam. And yeah, there are brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes, too, but let’s just ignore that.


On Chef Silvia’s divine inspiration:

It’s hard to believe that such a talented chef has been quietly plying her trade in Houston since 1978…. How did she learn to build those big, authentic flavors? “Believe it or not, the man above gave me the knowledge,” she says, pointing skyward. Help directly from God? We believe it.


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