Atlanta Food Critic: The Georgian Terrace Hotel Party, Sotherly Hotels, Midtown Atlanta

What a grand evening we had enjoying the hospitality of The Georgian Terrace Hotel. Special thanks to Linda Carmical, President of the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society and blogger of, and her friends at Green Olive Media for the very thoughtful invitation. I would also like to recognize fellow bloggers, Melissa Pelkey Hass,Teresa Dothard, Lauren Patrick, and Gisela Carapaica for welcoming us and being so gracious. We had a marvelous night and met so many wonderful people. The food was fabulous and, of course, the service was akin to being treated like royalty.

It was crazy fighting heavy traffic in the rain on the way into Midtown, but I knew from our reception at the valet that our night was going to be spectacular. As I stepped out of the car, I mentioned to the valet “One moment, I need to get my jacket out of the back” and he reached in, got my coat out and held it out for me to put on – LIKE A REAL VALET, right? I was so impressed! Once, we got inside we checked in and I immediately realized I had forgotten our business cards. I ran back outside and our car was already gone. The valet asked if he could be of service and I told him the problem. He took off like bolt of lightning and soon returned with business cards in hand. OMG, I was reeling in anticipation of the rest of the evening.

Once inside, we first went to the Livingston Restaurant and Bar, where we were treated to hors d’ourves and drinks. A band was playing bluegrass and the ambience was just delightful. There was seldom a moment when someone was not there offering you something fantastic to eat. We were able to sample delightful treats such as roasted ducks with sautéed wild mushrooms on toast, crab cakes with housemade remoulade sauce, piglets in a blanket and fried cream cheese nuggets. The hands down winner of hors d’ourves though was the bacon wrapped scallops that was absolutely marvelous. Personally, I would like to add a pepperjack cheese to spice it up a bit!

Before long the Grand Ballroom was open and the crowd quickly made its way to sounds of the next band playing. The guests did not suffer for anything as there was plenty of food and drink to be had at every turn. The kind hosts of The Georgian Terrace Hotel know how to throw a party in style! The guests we met were all so nice and we had such fun. There was just SO much food there I can only highlight the Buttermilk Biscuit bar that will make you slap your grandma. Melanie’s favorite though was the Bananas Foster. It was DEE-LICOUS. I loved the spread of meats and cheeses that made such a tasty snack!
Herschel Walker, former professional football player and UGA football hero who took the Dawgs to their 1982 National Championship win, was in attendance to greet the guests. Now a board member of Sotherly Hotels, Herschel was just as kind and gracious of a man that you would ever want to meet. He took the time to really speak with many, many of the guest and posed for photos with anyone who asked (and who didn’t?).

Also at the party was Dwight Eubanks, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, pictured here with Linda Carmical, President of the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society and blogger of who was so kind and allowed us to use her photo. In addition to being a TV personality, Dwight is also a stylist to the celebrities at his Purple Door Salon. Follow Dwight on Twitter and keep up with him as he expands his brand with liquors and fashions.

The show stealer though was the “King of Bling”, Don Knobler, Dallas real estate mogul and world renown #1 super-fan of the Dallas Mavericks (article on . He was so nice and such a funny, funny man! This guys needs to have his own TV show! Melanie and I spent some time speaking with his wife of 36 years, Demaris and I commented to her, “I bet he’s a handful”. Her reply? She held out both palms and said “He’s TWO handfuls! You can’t tell by his fancy getup, but I have one of those electronic dog collars underneath and when he gets out of line, I just ZAP HIM!”. These two are characters!
We had such a great time I can only imagine what a blast it would be to host a private event like a wedding reception or corporate blowout at The Georgian Terrace Hotel. Heck, it might be ideal place for a little weekend staycation destination as well. For you midtowners, you might find it a great place to meet friends after work there too. In any case, The Georgian Terrace Hotel will give you an experience you won’t soon forget! Guten appetit!

DISCLOSURE: Other than being invited to this event, no consideration was given nor expected for the publishing of this article. The opinions expressed within the article are entirely our own.