The Georgian Terrace Has Bright Future with Sotherly Hotels

(from The Front Porch Gourmet blog)

When I first moved to Georgia, I never thought it could feel like home. I spent 40 years in one home; my entire life was there, in that home, in South Carolina.

I had a very determined husband who knew I would eventually come to love Georgia as much as I loved my very precious South Carolina. We bought a beautiful home in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, he introduced me to spectacular restaurants, fabulous museums, and beautiful country. Soon, I learned how absolutely amazing Georgia truly was; he was right. I have come to dearly love Georgia.

Some of our best times have been spent taking downtown “staycations”. It’s a real treat to pack the bags for a weekend, drive an hour and be right in the middle of anything you ever wanted. Museums, history, fine dining, burger joints open at 2 am, I mean anything. My favorite part, is booking a room at our “home away from home”, The Georgian Terrace Hotel. We love everything about the Georgian Terrace from the incredible amount of history, to the gorgeous rooms, to the knowledgeable and courteous service, to the extraordinary menu and talented chef at Livingston’s, to the magical craft cocktails at Proof & Provision. It truly has felt like home.

Recently, it was announced The Georgian Terrace Hotel was purchased by Sotherly Hotels. They held a Sotherly Social to tour the newly renovated rooms, showcase their own brand of bourbon, Edgar’s Truth, and host a presentation to the Sotherly Foundation’s American veteran recipient.

Sotherly believes when you visit a place, your hotel should feel like an extension of that place. It should blend like a front porch into a southern summer night. It should make you feel so connected to the city and so refreshed by its culture that you soon forget where the hotel walls begin and the city ends. It should feel like no walls at all. It should feel like coming home.

You have achieved your goal. A stay at the Georgian Terrace is just like going home.

More about the Sotherly Foundation

The Sotherly Foundation is a charitable outreach of Sotherly Hotels dedicated to making a difference in the communities surrounding our hotels, one family at a time. Each year, the Sotherly Foundation will provide significant aid to one or more American Veterans working directly with the veteran and their family to find out what they need most and a strategy for meeting that need in the most meaningful and lasting way possible.

Recipients are chosen by the Sotherly Foundation Board of Directors with assistance from qualified organizations such as the United States Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.

The majority of the funds raised come form the hard work and caring dedication of the employees of our hotels. Private gifts from public and corporate supporters are also welcome. As a 501 (c) 3 registered non profit, all contributions to the Sotherly Foundation are tax-deductible. For more information on the Sotherly Foundation, or to make a donation, please email

For reservations at The Georgian Terrace Hotel, call 866.845.7551 or visit the website at Tell them I sent you 🙂

*A very special thank you to Sotherly Hotels for a magical evening at the Georgia Terrace Hotel. Although all cocktails, wine and foods were complimentary, all thoughts, opinions, words and drooling are strictly my own.